Coce Absolute Illuminating Tanning Oil
  • Coce Absolute Illuminating Tanning Oil


    Absolute Illuminating Tanning Oil

    Glow Getter!

    Cocé Absolute Illuminating Tanning Oil contains intensive bronzer that makes skin dashing with a sun-kissed glow bringing out sexiness through skin and gives a look of healthy beautiful skin inside out.


    We selected organic extracts in the makeup of the oil, extracts which quickly help absorb nutrition through the skin, moisturizing it and reducing skin dehydration, particularly from the sun. There are no streaks, no flakiness and no sticky feeling after application. With our selection of aromatic Cedarwood as a scent, prepare to say goodbye to bad tanning odors forever.

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      • Temporary darken your skin.
      • Make our skin glow with quality glitter as Hollywood stars.
      • Easy to apply in a short time.
      • Smell good with aroma scent.
      • Contain healthy ingredients which help remedy dry skin, maintain dehydrated skin and protect UV rays.
      • Made of organic ingredients.
      • Be able to use in any situation we want to reveal our skin.

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