1.  What is the best way to apply Cocé for perfect results?
Step I: Exfoliate your skin prior to application.
Step II: Apply Moisturising lotion in order to extra moisturise your skin, especially on dry areas.
Step III: Pour Absolute Illuminating Tanning Oil or Beautifying Body Oil on your hands. Gently blend it on your body.
Step IV: Wait until dry before getting dressed. (2-5 minutes)
Step V: Re-apply whenever required.

2.   How long does Absolute Illuminating Tanning Oil last?
It will  stay on your skin until you shower. The Tan fades gradually after discontinuing the application.

3.   Can I put Absolute Illuminating Tanning Oil on my face?
Yes, you can. Our product  uses organic-based ingredients. However, please test for any allergic reactions on your arm before use.

4. How to pronounce our brand?
Coce [coʦe or Kəʊseɪ] and in Thai is โคเซ่

5. Is the brand called Coce or Cocé?
 Our brand is called Coce. However, our logo is Cocé.

6. Are Coce products sold at any other retailers?
 Yes, We now Have outlets in Pinksalt in Dubai and in Tao Island, Thailand. Currently we are expanding more shops in Bangkok, Phuket, and in Latin/Caribbean countries during 2020.

7.  Do Coce product contain any chemicals?
No. Our products are made of organic ingredients. We do not select any chemical in our products so our products are friendly for sensitive skin and for the environment.

8. What makes our products different from other similar brands?
The first difference is the ingredients. Apart of the organic-based ingredients we selected, we also select the local ingredient called Phukkao or baby jackfruit which contains very high anti- oxidant and vitamin E than any other fruit. Although rare and costly, we  chose this ingredient as we want our Coce family to have a beautiful skin inside out.

As a part of the society, Cocé product is cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Our product has never been tested in animals and we support Life Cycle project with our packaging in glass bottle and biodegradable box.

Our product is an all-in-one product which:
Temporary darkens our skin.
Make our skin glow with quality glitter like a Hollywood star.
It is quick and easy to apply.
Cocè has a beautiful  aromatic scent.
The Product contains healthy ingredients which help remedy dry skin, maintain dehydrated skin and protect against harmful  UV rays.
It is made of organic ingredients.
Cocé is delivered to you in high quality luxury and environmentally friendly packaging.
Use it in any situation and reveal the true beauty of your skin.

 Cocé is pure luxury at a price anyone can afford