Cocé Absolute Illuminating Tanning Oil was created by 5 ladies who love tanning products and are obsessed with the natural look of tanned and glowing skin. The dream was to develop a product that gives a unique and authentic skin tone but one that was safe, without chemicals, preservatives and crucially one that involved no danger to their skin in long term. In Cocé they have realized their dream.

Who are the five ladies of Cocé ?

Cocé is the brainchild of 5 girlfriends all originally from Thailand.  Charm, Boo, Picha, Ticha, and Joy have common interests in skin tanning combined with extensive experience in tanning products. Each lady brings her own special individual talent and expertise to the team and it is this special combination that has lead to the development of  Cocé.

Charm is a product specialist in skincare and cosmetics with a special focus on organic ingredients. She has been working with well known international companies in developing skincare products with a variety of ingredients to find the best match for each formula. 

Boo and Picha, are specialized in business strategy. Both with different but extensive experience working with many global brands in a variety of sectors. Boo is a business strategist with an excellent problem solving mind, she knows how to position a brand and understands how to meet KPI’s. Picha is a strong developer of presentations and marketing content. Together they excel in market analysis and brand positioning and their favorite task is to develop the most workable tools to get their product recognised. 

Ticha is brilliant in sales and has developed a successful track record at a young age. She been responsible for major deals with both local and international clients in well know companies and operates on a global scale.  

Joy, the big sister, plays an important role as a counselor for Cocé. She has excelled in a career managing overseas logistics for a Blue-Chip company. She is a serial business owner and investor in her own right and this bring invaluable experience to this talented but youthful team.

Different business backgrounds combined with their common interests make the girls a perfect fit to finally launch their very first “All in One” product that suits all skin types and colour for everybody, everywhere. That is Cocé

Where did the concept of Cocé come from?

The girls love to spend their weekends or public holidays lying on the beautiful beaches of southern Thailand or next to one of the infinite pools in Bangkok, working on tans and chilling. All these idyllic days also meant they went through plenty of trial and error with all of the tanning products on the market in the seemingly endless search for the perfect tan. Too often they faced common issues such as dry and flaky skin particularly after multiple applications, they found difficulty in applying some products and did not get satisfactory absorption into the skin. Products tried were often too sticky, gave an unnatural color or streaky look to the skin. More often than not the odour of tanning products was quite unattractive, pimples and rashes from some products were common and to complete the story, many products leaked due to the poor quality of the packaging. 

So the team’s idea was to create a tanning oil which would eliminate all those problems, a tanning oil that was safe to use, without any chemicals but rather with organic based ingredients extracted from natural resources. This was to be a socially and environmentally conscious product. It had to be certified by recognised organisations (FDA) and pass the tests that the girls had so rigorously applied to the competitors.

Their aim was to go through their own research and development and carefully select each product in order to make a Tan & Glow skin product then scientifically develop that with support from an independent accredited research laboratory in Thailand having expertise in Cosmetic Science, specifically in organic oils and skin care.

"The result of this hard work was the creation of the lady’s first baby together!"


What is Cocé


Cocé Absolute Illuminating Tanning Oil contains intensive bronzer that makes the skin dashing with a sun-kissed glow bringing out sexiness through skin. The Cocé family must have a healthy beautiful skin inside out. So, the ladies selected organic extracts in the makeup of the oil, extracts which quickly help absorb nutrition through the skin, moisturizing it and reducing skin dehydration, particularly from the sun. There are no streaks, no flakiness and no sticky feeling after application. With our selection of aromatic Cedarwood as a scent, prepare to say goodbye to bad tanning odours forever. 


As a socially conscious product, Cocé is cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Our product has never been tested on animals, has been developed from natural, organic products and it supports the concept of a circular economy. Cocé stands for environmental sustainability and sources its supply chain accordingly.  Cocé does not use plastics.

Cocé Absolute Illuminating Tanning Oil consists of 3 main organic oils which are coconut oil, baby jackfruit oil, and argan oil.

Coconut oil

Our virgin cold pressed coconut oil is certified by The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It contains Vitamin E which helps reduce signs of skin aging and effectively restores moisture in the skin. Coconut oil also helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays, it assists in improving some skin disorders such as eczema and dry skin problems through the moisturising process. 

Baby jackfruit oil

Extracted from a local Thai tropical herb called spring bitter cucumber or baby jackfruit, the oil is in the form of nanoparticles which help remedy inflammation, eczema, rashes and various skin infections. It is a natural extract that does not cause allergies or skin irritation. It can be used for all skin types and helps to eliminate dead cells. The oil contains much higher beta-carotene and lycopene compared to other organic herbs and also contains vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants that help rejuvenation, reduce skin aging, smoothing of the skin, prolong exposure times to sun, produce collagen, and generate skin firmness.

Argan oil

Also know as the “Oil of Youthfulness” it is extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree found in Morocco. Argan oil contains Vitamin A, E, Oleic acid which help remedy skin rashes, skin infections. Argan Oil was selected as a main ingredient because of its natural toning and moisturising abilities which help to reduce visual signs of skin aging and damage including stretch marks. Cocé uses a pure Argan oil which has not undergone any heat processing.

That is the story, now it’s time for you to let us know your experience.

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